Meet the Horses.

Simsona, Crossing the Andes : Argentina to Chile, February 2010.

                                Simsona my Little Strutter.

The Chilean Corralero, like many South American breeds is extremely hardy. It has a low metabolism with the ability to travel for long distances with little food, a high threshold for pain, a great immunity to disease with a remarkable rate of recuperation. Their hooves are strong and the breed is extremely sure-footed, suitable for its mountainous habitat. Their thick double-hair coat makes them well-suited for both cold and dry/hot weather. The breed has a very docile temperament and makes a very alert horse with a large capacity for work.

Simsona held all theses characteristics in a neat little package. He had attitude and purpose and was always on a mission. He moved with such conviction in his own self-importance, a born leader this one!! No task was ever too big, climbing up sheer mountain faces, careening down the descent and battling through the Chilean temperate rainforest, all done with determination, purpose and a little flick of his fabulous mane!


Author: Janine Whyte (Indiananeeners Globetrotting Cowgirl.)

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