Meet the Horses.

Zerga: Wadi Rum Desert Ride, Jordan.

The Arabian Horse is the oldest purebred breed in the World and their  strength, courage, and devotion to humans is legendary. They were the war horses of the ancient Assyrians, Hittites and Egyptians. They participated in the Crusades and Napoleon’s famous war-horse, Marengo, was an Arabian.

According to Bedouin legend, Allah created the horse from the four winds. He endowed the animal with spirit from the North, strength from the South, speed from the East, and intelligence from the West.

There is nothing more magical than riding an Arab horse in their natural environment, the desert, where they sparkle brightest, crystals of sand underfoot and endless blue skies above. Zerga and I spent 6 days traipsing around the Wadi Rum desert, living like Nomadic Bedouins, galloping across the wide open desert, climbing never-ending sand dunes. This little mare was a living embodiment of all the Arabian’s most celebrated traits……..she galloped as if she were floating on the wind, her endurance was incredible, ending each day with as much vigor as she had begun and she would look at you with her deep pools of eyes, listening to every unspoken word and displaying a deep bond of loyalty to her rider.

Author: Janine Whyte (Indiananeeners Globetrotting Cowgirl.)

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